About Us

About Us

Energent Corporation was formed at the start of the 21st century to create a new paradigm of energy production – exploiting the huge resource of lost energy to produce useful power and products for society. Lost energy is defined as waste heat, waste pressure, and under-utilized renewable energy. With the dislocations in the world’s petroleum supply, lost energy can profitably supply a significant portion of our energy needs, as well as increasing products from petroleum, if efficient and cost effective means are perfected to convert this lost energy into useful power. Energent Corporation has developed these means.

Energent is affiliated with a group of technology and production companies referred to as Cryogenic Industries. Cryogenic Industries includes:

ACD Logo ACD, LLC manufactures high speed turbomachinery and cryogenic pumps.
Cosodyne Logo Cosmodyne, LLC produces air separation and LNG plants.
Cryoquip Logo Cryoquip, Inc., manufactures LNG vaporizers and cryogenic heat exchangers, among other products.
Rhine Engineering Logo Rhine Engineering Pvt Ltd. manufactures rotary kilns, process skids, and large pressure vessels in India.

Cryogenic Industries also has a worldwide network of service companies including ACD Cryo AG in Germany and Switzerland. The group provides staff, facilities, manufacturing, and service capabilities to augment Energent’s resources when required.

Our Approach

Products are taken from invention, through development and demonstration, to completion of commercialization. Our job is not done until the product or system is qualified and has manufacturing, distribution, and service channels in place.

The Microsteam® Turbine Power System, for example, was invented, developed, and demonstrated by Energent, which currently manufactures, sells and services the systems.