Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas

In the oil and gas field there is a significant opportunity to recover a substantial amount of energy and increase plant production by utilizing Energent's two-phase turbine technology. A highlight of these opportunities lies within the liquid natural gas (LNG) extraction process. By replacing liquid J-T valves with the Variable Phase Turbine, power can be recovered, and more importantly, the liquid fraction can be increased improving the plant output by up to 6-7%.



This cross-section shows the configuration of the VPT nozzles and rotor. Up to 12 discrete nozzle inserts are spaced around the rotor, allowing for modularity and the ability to adjust to changing resource conditions. The application of this VPT is liquid J-T valve replacement in an LNG plant. The generator is submerged in the process LNG, eliminating the shaft seal. We have an agreement with an Oil and Gas major to develop the turbine to be installed in LNG plants.