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Euler Turbine

The Euler Turbine is a patented high efficiency turbine. The turbine is the basis of the Microsteam® Turbine and has been applied to power generation from geothermal resources.

The cutaway shows an Euler Turbine developed for a geothermal project in Germany. The turbine operates with an ammonia-steam mixture in a Kalina Cycle to produce nearly 600 kW. The unit features a center inlet and radial outflow fluid path. The robust blisk geometry with two-dimensional blades results in a low cost, erosion resistant design. Its high efficiency and competitive pricing led Siemens AG to select the Euler Turbine for their project over European competitors.



The photo shows a 4MW Euler turbine during a factory test at Energent. The unit will be installed in an ammonia power plant to recover waste heat in a Sinopec refinery. This unit was selected for its high efficiency and rugged construction over other competitors.



Please refer to our technical paper for a more detailed description of the technology and its application to geothermal power production in a Kalina cycle.