Oil & Gas

Industrial Applications

Energent's energy recovery technology has applications in many industrial fields. Waste heat is defined as heat produced by machines, electrical equipment and industrial processes for which no useful application is found, and is regarded as a waste by-product. Such heat can be produced by diesel engines or exhausted as flue gases. Utilizing Energent's patented Variable Phase Cycle or high-efficiency Variable Phase Turbine in an Organic Rankine Cycle, these wasted energy sources can be used to produce valuable electricity.

In other industrial processes, low pressure steam is often used for heating, cooling, or other processes. When high pressure steam from a boiler or district system is dropped in a pressure reducing valve, recoverable energy is wasted. Energent's Microsteam® Turbine Power System generates electricity by replacing these pressure reducing valves. An example industrial application is found at the Con Edison steam plant in New York.

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