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Commercial Applications

7 World Trade Center
Commercial buildings using steam for heating or cooling can generate power by replacing pressure reducing valves with the Microsteam� Turbine. The power system is configured in a vertical arrangement, minimizing the system's footprint allowing for installation in crowded equipment rooms where space is limited. Up to 275 kW of electrical power can be generated. The system is skid-mounted, with controls and a switchgear connected at the factory and is completely automatic, enabling unattended operation. Microsteam® Turbines have been installed in commercial buildings throughout New York City, including 7 World Trade Center (pictured to the right) and the Rolex Building (pictured below), producing megawatts of power and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Rolex Building

Example installations are listed on our Microsteam® Installation Page. Find out if Microsteam® Turbine can cut your electricity costs and lower carbon emissions by filling out the Microsteam® Turbine Inquiry Form or contacting us.