Microsteam® Installations
Geothermal Power
Waste & Process Heat
Refrigeration & Cryogenics

Projects and Experience

Energent Corporation has a wealth of experience in fields ranging from geothermal power to oil and gas processes. Energent technology has been deployed worldwide, producing and recovering megawatts of power.

Microsteam Turbine Installations

A reference of Microsteam® Turbine Power System installations across the United States.

Geothermal Power Plants

View details about our various geothermal power plant projects. Energent staff has experience in developing plants ranging from 50 kW to 5 MW, including large topping cycles and innovative bottoming cycles for geothermal power.

Waste and Process Heat

Energent Specializes in waste and process heat energy recovery, and has invented and deployed technology to produce useful electricity from these resources.

Refrigeration and Cryogenics

Information about Energent's projects recovering energy from throttling in refrigeration systems and large process plants.