Microsteam® Turbine Power System

micro steam turbine
The Microsteam® Turbine Power System is a compact, efficient power system that generates electricity from pressure energy previously wasted in the steam pressure reducing valves of buildings. This power system, which can be installed through a standard doorway, produces up to 275 kW of electrical power. The system is skid-mounted, with controls and a switchgear connected at the factory and is completely automatic, enabling unattended operation. The unit has been officially acknowledged by the state of California Air Resources Board as a zero-emission technology through DG-017 certification.

micro steam turbine

The Euler Turbine was invented by Energent staff, developed with internal funding, and demonstrated with support from the U.S. Department of Energy, the State of California, and Carrier Corporation. The Euler Turbine was given the name of Microsteam® Turbine for the commercial steam application.

Commercial installations include Con Edison of New York (as pictured installed above), the U.S. Marine Corps., Rolex, Princeton University, Indiana University, as well as other office buildings and hospitals.

For more information about the Microsteam® Turbine, please refer to the product brochure. If you know details about a potential application and would like performance, pricing, or technical details, please fill out our Microsteam® Turbine Inquiry Form or contact us.

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